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🍣 9 people who make me who i am

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There's a great Ubuntu proverb i keep going back to:

"I am because we are."

It reminds me that whatever work i've put in, it was accelerated by luck. And other people's support.

Esther Perel talks about autonomy vs community. I've always been about autonomy. Trying to do more community.

So, today i wanted to shout out to 9 people who consistently add value to my inbox and feed(s). I am because they are.

​Andrew Tindall. System1 has been all over my feeds. Andrew's to blame in a way. He constantly brings a dose of reality to the LinkedIn discourse, by testing ads with (gasp!) real people. Anytime there's a new debacle, i look for his data. 99% better than most hot takes.

​Carolyn McMurray. I'm not a copywriter. But i got mad respect for them. Especially when you see someone who takes the craft and applies it to how to stand out online. Carolyn, who started Word Tonic, is one of the good ones. She has the most insane carousel game you've ever seen.

​Dave Harland. See above regarding copywriters. But Dave's also a master of how to write in a funny way. It's not an exaggeration to say he's normalised humour on LinkedIn for me. To this day, very few smash that game as well as he does. Plus, he seems to be a lovely fella. It matters.

​Derek Walker. I wonder why more people don't follow Derek online. Maybe it's because they're uncomfortable with how brutal his posts get. But that's precisely why we should. If you think you're above racial bias, go follow him. You'll learn some hard truths.

​Jack Appleby. Consistently one of the sharpest voices in the social space. I find myself saving stuff he posts to kickstart internal meetings. And i admire how he's gone and created a multi-revenue stream career without defaulting to becoming *that creator guy*. Give him a follow.

​Joel Stein. Weirdness wins. That's Joel's message. And to that, Heisenberg would have said, "you're god damn right". If you ever wanted a cross section of strategy, spirituality and unorthodox references, he's your guy. We all should be a bit more weird. Joel can help you get started.

​Pollyanna Ward. I once pitched Pollyanna to my boss as a unicorn. I deeply believe this. She can dance between the latest tactical tools and the deepest brand fundamentals with Olympic level skills. That's rare. And valuable. And (i will die on this hill) the future of the strategy profession.

​Richard Cook. Is it weird that i can never tell anymore whether Richard's posts are a joke or not? Maybe that's part of the game. But since behind every joke there is a deep truth, i'll say the answer is "yes". In a world of "10x your content" social poison, Richard's a healthy antidote. Take it.

​Zoe Scaman. It's easy to belittle new tools as fads. And in isolation, they might be. What Zoe does well is take those strings of short term info, and build a tapestry of longer term meaning. Cynics are like protectionists. Zoe's mind is the open market. Long term, guess who tends to win.

I hope you'll consider give some (or all) of these folks a follow. They will give you perspective and a sense of potential.

Like Arnold says, "call me anything you want, just don't call me a self-made man".

We could all take a lesson from that.


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